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Choose the package that's right for you1

Looking for the best possible price? Sticking around for a while?

If so, our 12 month contracts give you access to the best value service across our six amazing packages below.

  • No set-up fee


    Ultrafast Full Fibre

    Average 500Mb download / 80Mb upload

    Exceptionally fast broadband - great for home workers, families with many devices, avid gamers, or those who just spend a lot of time online.

    £47 per month

    + FREE installation

    12 Month contract

  • 250Mb

    Megafast Full Fibre

    Average 250Mb download / 40Mb upload

    For more demanding households - stream 4k Ultra-HD content, play online games and more on multiple devices all at the same time.

    £42 per month

    + one-off £25 set-up fee

    12 Month contract

  • 125Mb

    Superfast Full Fibre

    Average 125Mb download / 25Mb upload

    Do much more online - like watch full HD TV whilst performing larger downloads and generally being more active on the internet.

    £37 per month

    + one-off £25 set-up fee

    12 Month contract

  • 75Mb

    Faster Full Fibre

    Average 75Mb download / 15Mb upload

    For the moderate user - browse the web more intensively or play online games at the same time as watching catch-up TV.

    £33 per month

    + one-off £25 set-up fee

    12 Month contract

  • 36Mb

    Standard Full Fibre

    Average 36Mb download / 6Mb upload

    Regular broadband - perform more of the everyday online essentials like streaming music and downloading larger files.

    £29 per month

    + one-off £25 set-up fee

    12 Month contract

How our packages compare

Estimated download times based on download type and maximum download speed offered

Broadband package comparison with estimated download times
500Mb 250Mb 125Mb 75Mb 36Mb
One album
(12 songs)
(60Mb each)
1.4 seconds
2.9 seconds
5.8 seconds
9.6 seconds
20 seconds
5-minute video
0.3 seconds
0.6 seconds
1.3 seconds
2.1 seconds
4.4 seconds
1hr TV Show
16.4 seconds
32.8 seconds
65.5 seconds
109.2 seconds
227.6 seconds