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About us

FibreNest understands the importance of fast, reliable online connectivity in today’s world. No longer is internet access a luxury but a critical utility. That’s why we’re proud to be providing ultrafast internet access directly into new homes and businesses across the UK, using nothing but 100% fibre-to-the-property (FTTP).

With more data-hungry devices in our homes than ever before, FibreNest’s high capacity, low latency network enables you and your family to download films, catch-up on your favourite TV shows, stream music, play online games and stay in touch with others - all at the same time with less buffering and excellent reliability.

Unlike other providers who deliver broadband over copper or part-fibre infrastructures, our speeds are not affected by the length of the line serving your home or building. Instead, our service is delivered over a national, full-fibre network that extends all the way into your property. This means that you will consistently receive and enjoy some of the fastest speeds available and experience the highest standards of customer service. Furthermore, providing you adopt an acceptable approach to using our services*, we’ll never slow your connection down, even at peak times. You’ll also continue to benefit from our Our Guarantees.

Full-fibre internet is the future. People’s data needs are continually increasing and copper-based networks are unable to keep up with the requirements of emerging technologies, such as Ultra HD TV streaming. You can be confident that our network, with its scale and national reach will ensure your ever-growing need for bandwidth-intensive services is fully supported. Not just today, but tomorrow and in years to come.

*Acceptable Use Policy applies. Click here for more information.